Mold Damage Restoration

Most of us know that mold is unpleasant and unhealthy but the consequences of having mold in your home can be devastating. Some types of mold can cause serious harm to your health. Illnesses caused by mold include asthma, sinus infections, digestive tract infections, flu-like symptoms, allergies, and neurological problems. The trouble is, you don’t know what type of mold is in your home or how hazardous it may be.


Mold growth can be a serious health hazard to your family if it isn’t dealt with properly, so why risk the health of your family when we can offer the professional service you need?


With any mold issues, it is important to call as soon as you discover the issue. This prevents the mold from spreading, and increases your chance of having your mold damage covered by insurance.


Here is a general guideline of our mold remediation process:


1. Expert Independent Mold Testing: We coordinate testing through an independent environmental laboratory who employs a variety of test methods. This provides independent accountability for our work and ensures we target the mold effectively. We can test all areas of your home or business, including crawl spaces, air ducts, interior walls, attics, etc. This helps us to discover whether you have mold growth in hard to reach areas. And if so, we can clean, decontaminate and detoxify those areas.

2. Determine & Eliminate Cause of Mold: This is important as it will allow us to do the work needed to minimize the likelihood of future mold growth.

3. Remediate and Remove Safely: Non salvage building materials will be safely removed under containment and by using negative air equipment to ensure that mold is not spread during the demo process. Salvageable building materials will be sanded, cleaned, sanitized, and treated with an anti microbial agent followed by professional drying services.

4. Moisture Removal & Dehumidification: Often mold is caused by leaks and water damage combining with a “food” source such as drywall. When this happens, we will fix and eliminate the cause of moisture and dry the structural building components which will prevent future mold growth.

5. Restoration: Once the mold has been completely removed, we will restore your home or business to be as good or better than it was before the mold. Often home owners use this as an opportunity to do needed upgrades to the affected area.

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Kitchen Mold

We offer complete restoration services.

Apartment Water and Mold Damage

We offer complete restoration services.