Shasta Strong

Shasta Strong – We Will Rebuild!


This last summer (2018), Redding and the surrounding areas were devastated by an insanely devastating wildfire. In fact, it was the 7th most destructive fire in California’s documented history. The Carr Fire charred 229,651 acres, and damaged and destroyed over 1600 buildings, homes, and other structures. The Carr Fire cost over 1.659 BILLION in damages, including 1.5 billion in insured losses and 158.7 million in suppression cost.

During this month long blaze Norcal Construction & Restore was called out and worked on numerous homes that had fire and smoke damage from the fire. Although we were not on the front lines fighting and putting out this fire, we are proud that we were able to be on the front lines of rebuilding and repairing our community that was so severely damaged from this fire. In addition, we worked with several local insurance agencies on a daily basis to quickly respond to their clients who were affected, and assist them thru the claim process, so they could once again move back into their home smoke-free. One Redding Insurance Agent in particular that we worked with was Kyle Vowell Agency, local Redding Farmers Insurance Agent. Check out Kyle’s website, to view a series of support videos with advice and recommendations for homeowners who were affected by the Carr Fire — click here to view videos.