Wind Damage Restoration

Wind and storms can cause substantial damage to your home. As the storm continues, the damage can get worse if a tree falls on your home when rainwater continues to enter the structure. NorCal Construction & Restoration will immediately respond with a tree removal team to remove the tree from the roof. Our trained professionals will then board up any openings and install a water tight roof tarp system to eliminate additional damage from water.

Any water damage inside your home will be immediately investigated using moisture detection equipment, addressed, and drying equipment installed.

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Wind Damage

Heavy winds caused the shingles of this roof to blow away. NorCal immediately responded during a rainstorm to install a watertight tarp.

Tree Damage

After a tree fell on this home, the roof was badly damaged. NorCal made all of the necessary carpentry repairs, replaced the roof and gutters.

Storm Damage

A heavy storm came through Paradise, CA which caused damage to this roof. After a portion of the roof was blown away, water began to pour into the interior structure. A tarp was immediately installed and the entire roof system replaced.